Paradoxical leadership

Client: Ivo Brughmans
Year: 2016
Duration: 15 min.

These three films are made in response to the book: Paradoxically leadership by Ivo Brughmans, in September 2016.
Philosopher and management consultant Ivo Brughmans explains the principles and methods of paradoxical leadership.

Brughmans strongly believes in the importance, power and the need for ‘AND/AND’ thinking and wants to give it publicity in different ways. Not only with books and workshops, but also with a short film that shows the essence of these ideas in an easily understandable, visual, creative and playful way.

Paradoxical leadership film

polarities wheel film

Paradoxical leadership film (short)


















paradoxically leadership
Production: NEWTON film, 2016
Concept and text: Ivo Brughmans
Camera en editing: Ton van Zantvoort
Graffiti polarity wheel: Sam Pauwels
Play: Lio en Noa de Klerk
Site support: Krien Verelst


Ivo Brughmans

Ivo Brughmans (Antwerp, 1965) studied Philosophy (Ghent University), International politics (University of Antwerp) and Business management (Ehsal Management School). Since 1993 he works as a consultant for an international management consultancy firm. Ivo is an expert in transforming support functions and service organisations.  He is co-author of the book ‘HR New Style’ (Kluwer, 2006), which was nominated in the Netherlands as best HR book in 2007 and which was published in Germany in 2008 as ‘Profitable Personal Management’. Ivo lives near Antwerp and works out of   Utrecht. He has published several articles on organizational and change issues in The Netherlands and Belgium and regularly gives lectures and seminars on these topics. Ivo is a certified master practitioner in Psycho-energetics (EPECA), an intuitive and systemic approach to support individual and collective transformation.