Client: Tocano
Year: 2016
Duration: 3×2 min

For a startup of two TU Delft alumni, we made three short films about their revolutionary inkless printing technology. The printer can print without ink cartridges, toners or other consumables. This not only reduces costs and hassle with cartridges, but contributes to a better environment as well.

The first film is for the consumers. If the consumers are interested, there will be pressure on the manufacturers. The second film is for the manufacturers and the last film focusses on the coding market.

The client wrote: “We are very pleased with the partnership. They engaged with full passion and commitment and delivered three very beautiful films within a week ! The communication was from beginning to end smoothly.”

Our movie in the 20.00 NOS journaal

Our films also triggered the NOS news and they made this item for the 20:00 news. They also used footage from our film.

TU Delft Startup film
TU Delft startup film