More than 20 years of experience in producing high-quality films.
Over 50 awards won at respected international film festivals for directing, cinematography, editing, and producing work.
To date, only satisfied customers and all deadlines met.
I make films for broadcasters, companies, and governments.
I have access to a lot of professional, modern 4k equipment and stay up-to-date with new developments.
I am reliable, professional, personal, creative, and flexible.
My motto is ‘we are as good as our latest work’. This means that I give 100% effort to each new production. I don’t make standard assembly line productions. Each film is unique, personal, and creative craftsmanship.
I have extensive experience as a jury member, (guest) teacher, and as a member of art and film advisory committees.

20 years of experience and only satisfied clients!

With over 20 years of experience and a solid track record of satisfied clients, I have proven my craftsmanship. My films have won awards and received recognition and praise from renowned clients worldwide. As your reliable partner, I offer flexibility, creativity, and punctuality. I have successfully completed dozens of large-scale projects for major (international) clients and fulfilled hundreds of assignments for smaller clients with equal dedication. The knowledge and experience gained during these projects, I am eager to apply to your film project.

Some satisfied clients include:

Government institutions such as the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Government Real Estate Agency, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Province of North Brabant, various municipalities including Breda, Eindhoven, Veghel, etc.
TV broadcasters such as NPO, KRO-NCRV, HUMAN, VPRO, EO, BOS, ARTE/ZDF, VRT, and regional broadcasters like Omroep Brabant, TV-West, L1, etc.
Institutions such as TU Eindhoven, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Nutrition Centre, Liliane Foundation, Tropen Museum, KPO Roosendaal, Stichting Mentorschap West-Brabant, etc.
Companies such as ASML, TNT, Pernod Ricard, Jameson Whiskey, Oceanwide Expeditions, Submarine, DTV Consultants, Avirazorg, Pro Ebike, Coosto, Tocano, etc.
Medical sector clients like Erasmus UMC, Amsterdam UMC, Springer Healthcare, Soteria Medical, ZBW Care, CuraeVitel Balie, and various healthcare institutions like Avira.


The films are characterized by an intimate visual language, a poetic structure, and a profound engagement.

Panasonic International, Lumix Award Commissie

“What a masterpiece you delivered! I had to step outside for a moment to let the emotions settle.”

Jacqueline Herrema, Mentorschap West-Brabant

I am more than satisfied with the collaboration, and I hope that we can realize many more projects together in the coming years!

The award was fully deserved and a clear winner in my opinion both for the beauty of the cinematography and direction and also the strength of the story.

Oliver Schneider, The Facility, UK

Great translation of the question into visuals, clear direction during filming, and a relaxed and service-oriented attitude. Next time, we’ll definitely make use of their craftsmanship again!

Harmen Krusemeijer, DTV Consultants

Ton is a fantastic filmmaker. A superb professional who masters the visual language down to its finest details. Ton strives for perfection in his work and then surprises you with a stunning result!

Thank you for the flexibility, quick responsiveness, and collaborative thinking. A very pleasant collaboration! We are very happy with the end result!

Thanks to the highly flexible and professional dedication, we were able to present a very impressive film upon the completion of our project. We are very satisfied with the end result!

Richard Kinderdijk, Gemeente Veghel

“Extremely satisfied with the collaboration, communication, and constructive input! They tackled the project with full passion and dedication!”

Arnaud van der Veen, TOCANO - Inkless

In the films, you see a stylization and emphasis on the design of visuals and sound. This approach makes the work original in nature and demonstrates a strong determination in content.

René Bosma, directeur Fontys Academy of the Arts

The question was difficult, but they succeeded. Within the schedule! If you’ve seen this, you’ll want to be a part of it. Mission accomplished!

What a cool film! The tone of the film, the images, and the music accurately capture the atmosphere of the day! Very pleasant collaboration!