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Yesterday evening was the national TV premiere of SHEEP HERO on KRO-NCRV 2 DOC NPO2. In the Netherlands you can now watch the film on uitzending gemist. Hashtag ‘Schapenheld’ was trending yesterday on Twitter. There is also a DocTalk made with director Ton van Zantvoort. In this 15 minute episode you can hear more about the making of this film and also how Stijn is now doing.

This morning we also got the TV ratings. Just as the shepherd has to compete, that is also the case with a documentary film. The broadcaster said the film did good. The goal was 5% of the viewers and we reached it. Quite funny to see that everything is being analysed. A Shepherd is in competition with the World Cup Soccer,  the large music festival PinkPop and Dr. Pol.


The 2Doc: SHEEP HERO reached 272,000 viewers and a share of 5.2% in the target group 6 years and older. Slightly higher than the 2Doc (You are my friend from Petra en Peter Lataster) that was broadcast last Monday (203,000 viewers and a share of 4%). Yesterday there was strong competition from NPO1 (Soccer World Cup Can-Cmr with 857,000 viewers), NPO3 (50 years of Pink Pop with 466,000 viewers) and RTL4 (In the footsteps of Dr. Pol with 834,000 viewers).

The viewers are 35 years and older and 60% of the viewers are women. The episode was especially well viewed by the Woman 65+ group (share 11.2%). Viewers belong to the lifestyle group Well-to-do Floor Seekers and Modest Citizens.


The viewing percentage from the lead-in (Greetings from Holland with 146,000 viewers) was on the low side, 21%. Many people switched during the broadcast. Some changed the channel at 20:56 (at ‘Radio studio’) and started to watch NPO1 (football), NPO3 (50 years of Pink Pop) and some viewers switched off their television. At 21:19  during the ‘sheep slaughter’ more people switched to NPO1 (football match), NPO3 (50 years of Pink Pop) and RTL4 (Dr. Pol).

Below an impression of the Dutch Twitter feed.