• HONDS een NEWTON film van Josefien van Kooten ihkv Teledoc Campus Geselecteerd voor Gouden Kalf Competitie Nederlands Filmfestival 2020
  • HONDS een NEWTON film van Josefien van Kooten ihkv Teledoc Campus officiele Selectie Nederlands Filmfestival 2020
  • HONDS Documentaire honden KRO-NCRV
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director: Josefien van Kooten
language: Dutch
Dutch, English
length: 26 minutes
5.1 / stereo
DCP, h264
ISAN 0000-0005-B03C-0000-E-0000-0000-W
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12767080/
premiere: 40th Dutch Film Festival in Golden Calf Competition

People that have problems with their dog come to dog whisperer Ron for help. Their dogs often cause many problems; they refuse to listen, show anxious behaviour, or are aggressive and bite. In the reflection between man and dog, the tension between powerlessness and control in people’s lives becomes visible.

During a dog training the tension between love, control and powerlessness becomes visible in the reflection between man and dog.


During a dog training the tension between love, control and powerlessness becomes visible in the reflection between man and dog. People that have problems with their dog come to dog whisperer Ron for help. Their dogs often cause many problems; they refuse to listen, show anxious behaviour, or are aggressive and bite. It seems not the dogs, but the owners themselves that need further training. In observing long shots we see how dog owners struggle with the complex relationship between man and animal. The love for our dogs often runs deep, but so does our wish (and necessity) to make them obey us; which might only be possible if we become more like a dog ourselves.


Director Josefien van Kooten (1984)

Regisseur Josefien van Kooten HONDS - Teledoc Campus - NEWTON film Filmography
2016   Documentary (25min):’Good People’ (co-director Anna Witte)
2014   Documentary (26 min): ‘Polish for Beginners’ (co-director Anna Witte)
2011   Documentary (27 min): ‘All the Pretty Little Horses’ (graduate film)

Josefien van Kooten started her study in the fine arts department of the St. Joost Academy of Breda in The Netherlands. After two years she switched to the film department and focused on the art of documentary making. Her work shows the free approach of an artist, but also the will to tell a story that is important to her, and the world. In her films Josefien always takes on a very unique and personal view with a deep connection to social matters. Her work shows a love for philosophy which, for her, is in the beauty of always seeing the duality in the world that never fits a ready made answer.

Directors Statement
Growing up, I always wanted a dog. It felt like one of the greatest bonds to have. Only three years ago I finally got my first dog: A terribly sweet but stubborn husky, who immediately became an important part of my life. As I started training with him, I saw myself standing on a field, giving commands like a waste of breath, and boiling with frustration. I was torn between the love I felt for this creature and my own impotence (and also unwillingness) to control him. Rather I wanted him to be free, let him just be the animal he is, but I also wanted him near as my friend and companion. It felt like two worlds colliding, the animal and the human world, but there was also a conflict between control and freedom. Here I found my inspiration for making ‘HONDS’. The main theme I wanted to examine was the meaning and possibilities of control. Are we able to control our own inner drives, actions and needs? An illness I suffered from since I was 19 always gave me the strong sense that control is something that’s nearly impossible. The reflection between humans and dogs was an interesting starting point for me to further explore this topic of control. Dogs follow their instinct; they react without thinking or controlling their behaviour. They see, feel and act. We admire them for it and see them as free creatures. On the other hand they are the ones that need to adjust and live by our rules. In our world, we as humans, are their bosses. We love them, nurture them and take care of them and are responsible for them. Through long, observing shots I wanted to show the complicated relationship that arises between humans and dogs because of these two worlds coming together. In seeing people struggle with their dogs, I hope to show it is actually not the lack of control over the dog, but the powerlessness in people’s own lives which becomes visible. ‘HONDS’ makes it palpable that dogs live under our conditions, always needing to adjust to our world, but also shows the arising question that maybe we, as humans, should actually become more dog-like to gain some of that control, and therefore freedom, that we are looking for.

Special thanks to
Nikita & Chilli
Jozef & Scott
Sonja & Toby

Josefien van Kooten

David Spaans

Gerben Kokmeijer
Mark Thur

Nicole Hálová

Sound design
Wiebe de Boer

Post production

Vian Paashuis

Subtitling & Translation

Joost Seelen

Production assistant
Anna Witte

Line producer
Ton van Zantvoort
Annerose Langeveld

Creative producer
Ton van Zantvoort

Production company

Commissioning editor KRO-NCRV
Jelle Peter de Ruiter

Producer documentaries KRO-NCRV
Yolande van der Blij

assistant Producer KRO-NCRV
Leonie van Zanten

The Netherlands Film Fund
Suzanne van Voorst
Mirjam Bal
Jolijn van Rees
Dorien van de Pas

Jeanine Hage
Peter van Beek
Christel Rienks

Thanks to
Gerti, Alexandra & Mike, Clair, Renate, A. Graafmans
Fleur, Katja & Dimitri, Khloe, V.M. de Bruijn, fam. de Bruyn
Colette, Lorraine, Getty, Lavendra, Denise Stoopen
Lonneke, Lotte, Ben, Peter, D.T.M.J. van Laarhoven
Mark & Desiree, Leo, Karin, Irma, Tiny, Ger, Marie-Charlotte,
A. Voerman, F.M. Vastbinder, fm. van der Heijden, Dirk,
Kim & Marij, Diana, Annemieke & Erik, Ellen, Lou Lou,
fam. van Mourik, Sacha, Anke, Nette, Mark, Roy & Michelle,
Belinda, Wim & Els, Ruth, Veerle, Bas, Corry & Nick,
Iris & Carina, Jolanda, I. Tyink

This film is made in the context of Teledoc Campus with the support from NPO, CoBO, NPO Fund and the Netherlands Film Fund.

Teledoc Campus logos NEWTON film 2020

date time festival / venue additional country city
2020-09-26 11.00 Dutch Film Festival premiere / on invitation only The Netherlands Utrecht
2020-09-26 14.30 Dutch Film Festival New Faces/ on invittation only The Netherlands Utrecht
2020-09-26 on demand Dutch Film Festival Golden Calf Competition The Netherlands Utrecht
2020-10-03 14:00 NFF | Next | Broet Natlab Eindhoven The Netherlands Eindhoven
2020-10-03 16:00 NFF | Next | Broet sold out The Netherlands Eindhoven
2020-10-05 18.30 NFF | Next | Broet Natlab Eindhoven The Netherlands Eindhoven
2020-10-05 20:00 NFF | Next | Broet sold out The Netherlands Eindhoven
Cinecitta with Q&A The Netherlands Tilburg
2020-10-25 23:00 Dutch TV premiere KRO-NCRV NPO3 The Netherlands
2020-11-10 De Schalm with Q&A The Netherlands Veldhoven
2020-11-11 19:30 Chassé with Q&A The Netherlands Breda
2020-11-12 De Schalm The Netherlands Veldhoven
2021-10-15 Huiskamerfilmfestival Leeuwarden The Netherlands Leeuwarden
Dea International Film Festival
Albania Tirana

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