Festival du Film Vert in Nyon Switzerland

Screen & Taste @droog

3 course dinner menu inspired by a WORLD to SHAPE

a WORLD to SHAPE special screenings this week

This week we had two special screenings of our film a WORLD to SHAPE at two special locations. The first screening took place during the Festival du Film Vert in Nyon, Switzerland. After the film, a debate took place here about ecological and responsible design and documentary filmmaking. The second screening took place during the Screen & Taste @Droog in Amsterdam. The audience was presented with a unique experience here. The film was shown in three parts at intervals for a delicious three-course dinner inspired by the film by chef Jorge Rochazul. It was a special experience to see and experience the film in this way. The audience enjoyed both the film and the dinner and the atmosphere was fantastic. I am happy to be able to present our film at these special locations.

Program March 14

18:30  Walk-in – take a seat. There are some appetizers on the table in case you are hungry
19:00  Introduction by Sofia Mourato, Jorge Rochazul and the filmmaker Ton van Zantvoort
19:15  First section of the film
19:35  Starter
19:55  Second section of the film
20:15  Main course
20:35  Third and last section of the film
20:55  Dessert
21:15  Q&A with filmmaker Ton van Zantvoort, moderated by Sofia Mourato
The End.

About the curators

Screen & Taste is organized by Sofia Mourato (curator) and Jorge Rocha (chef).
Special thanks to creative strategist Eric Haas.

Sofia Mourato

Sofia Mourato (Lisbon, Portugal) has always been inspired by how the processes of design, cinema, architecture and technology intersect. She is interested in connecting concepts and people in order to create something new at the intersection of knowledge with emotions. She appears frequently on and off stage as the former Lisbon architecture film festival founder and director, guest curator, moderator, and member of the jury at various events such as the Tallinn Architecture Biennale, the Budapest Architecture Film Days, Porto Design Biennale, Experimenta Design, AA Visiting School, One Minutes Foundation, among others. She is based in Amsterdam and works as a communication ecologist, film curator, and culture innovation agent. She also maintains her connection with the architecture film festival currently being held in Porto, as the film competition coordinator.

More info: www.arquiteturasfilmfestival.com

Jorge Rocha

Jorge Rocha is an Amsterdam-based Portuguese artist and gastronomy researcher. His artistic approach is centered on food and culture. Back in Portugal, he began a cross-functional project combining art, gastronomy, and heritage, in which he collaborated with archaeologists to build many food talk presentations in various ancient sites, resulting in two exhibitions. Since moving to Amsterdam, he has discovered a passion for fermentation, and he presently works as a Sous-Chef at Collins.