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International premiere on the prestigious BAFICI festival

Our documentary Dick Verdult – It Is True But Not Here is selected by the renowned BAFICI festival that will be held from April 19th to April 30th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The international premiere will be attended by the main character Dick Verdult, director Luuk Bouwman and editor Barbara Hin. The film is also available in the BAFICI video library  for professionals, where distributors, sales agents and festival programmers can view the film on Cinando. Last year more than 380 thousand people visited the 27 venues that hosted more than 1000 screenings. Around 400 films are selected out of many more submitted films. Our film will premiere on Saturday evening at 23.10. More details coming soon.

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BAFICI consolidates its status as one of the world’s most prominent film festivals, placed as it is in a privileged and distinguished position on the international film agenda. The festival is widely regarded as an essential vehicle for promoting independent film making, showcasing its most innovative, risk-taking and committed films. In the span of a comprehensive programming, it comprises several cultural expressions and gathers acclaimed directors and new talents in a dynamic atmosphere. The festival is the greatest, most prestigious event for independent cinema in Latin America and we are very glad our film is selected.

offical selection Bafici 2017

The festival wrote about our film:

Known in Latin America as Dick El Demasiado, author of experimental cumbias, Dick Verdult is an enigmatic cult musician whose work revolves around the surprises and accidents originated by culture clashes. Dick El Demasiado created a unique musical genre: the lunatic cumbia. And yet, Dick is not Argentinian. He is not even a South American: he was born in the Netherlands and landed here, for some strange reason. This is where he fell in love with cumbia and became one of the most resonant underground phenomenons of the early 2000s. Like a black piece of clothing inside a puddle of bleach, Dick El Demasiado tainted and whitened in equal parts. A bit of a provocateur, a bit of a sonic mad scientist, he is the kind of seeker who won’t settle down, and he tries to –carefully– gut the cumbia into a thousand pieces. Visually impossible and musically vanguardist, Dick is a radical, experimental, and spectacular artist. This documentary paints a picture of his work and goes beyond, to also depict the artistic incomprehension he was subject to.

In Spanish:

Conocido en América Latina como Dick El Demasiado, autor de cumbias experimentales, Dick Verdult es un enigmático músico de culto cuyo trabajo gira en torno a las sorpresas y los accidentes que se originan a partir de los choques de culturas. Dick El Demasiado es el inventor de un particular género musical: la cumbia lunática. Pero Dick no es argentino. Ni siquiera sudamericano: nació en Holanda y, por alguna extraña razón, vino a parar a estas tierras. Aquí se enamoró de la cumbia y se convirtió en uno de los fenómenos underground más resonantes de los primeros años 2000. Como una prenda negra sobre un charco de lavandina, Dick El Demasiado tiñó y destiñó en partes iguales. Un poco provocador, otro poco mad scientist sonoro, es
miembro de esa estirpe de buscadores que no se conforman, e intenta –sin descarrilarse– destripar la cumbia en mil pedazos. Visualmente imposible, musicalmente vanguardista, Dick es un artista radical, experimental y espectacular. Y este documental pinta un lienzo sobre su obra y, un poco más, sobre su incomprensión artística. Hernán Panessi