In addition to documentary films, I also make various types of films for companies, institutions and governments. Most films are listed on the website  A short impression is given here.

Newton solutions has over 20 years of experience in the field of design, design, corporate films, documentaries and motion graphics. Our productions have excellent references from major clients. We know what today’s customers want and creativity is not an end in itself for us. We keep track of all new developments, so that our customers can make optimal use of the current state of affairs. Everything that Newton solutions makes is completely customised. We are a reliable, flexible, creative, productive and punctual partner for you and your company. Newton solutions has completed dozens of large projects for large customers and hundreds of assignments for small(er) customers. We also use the knowledge and experience gained with these projects for your company. Our motto is ‘we are as good as our latest work’. This means that with every new production we are 100% committed to making the best design or the best film. We do not make standard assembly line or ‘video farmer’ productions. Each film is unique, personal and creative craftsmanship. Below are a number of references. Contact us for more recommendations.


Some of our satisfied customers are:
– Government institutions such as the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Province of North Brabant, various municipalities such as Breda, Eindhoven, Veghel, etc.
– TV broadcasters such as KRO-NCRV, VPRO, EO, BOS and regional broadcasters such as Omroep Brabant, TV-West, L1, etc.
– Institutions such as Eindhoven University of Technology, UMC Radboud, Fontys Hogescholen, the Liliane Fund, Mentorship Foundation, KPO Roosendaal, Nutrition Center, Tropen Museum, BKKC, etc.
– Companies such as ASML, Pernod Ricard, Jameson Whiskey, Oceanwide expeditions, Lloyd’s Register, Hydreco, Vloer+, Submarine, Coosto, DTV Consultants, Pro Ebike, Tocano, Intertaal, XRace, Deijma Optical Films, IPD Opleidingen, Soteria Medical, etc.

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