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The past as future – a short film about a Dutch shepherd For the first time in the history of our earth, more people live in cities than in the countryside. We have become alienated from nature.

Stijn leads a different life than most people nowadays and does not live the routine of society. He has been a shepherd for 15 years now and since several years he also produces slow food. The role of the shepherd is as important today as ever.

THE PAST AS FUTURE documentary film trailer

English title: The past as future
Duration: 15 minutes (Dutch version 17 minutes)
Genre: Documentary
Themes: environment, human interest, globalization, urbanization, animals, slow food, organic, biodiversity, food, agricultural, sustainable,
Release date: March 2011
Countries of filming: The Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Lithuania, UK
Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Director: Ton van Zantvoort & Annerose Langeveld
Cinematographer, editor, postproduction: Ton van Zantvoort
Recordist & advisor: Annerose Langeveld
Composer: Roy Bemelmans
Line producer: Annerose Langeveld
Production company: NEWTON film
Co-production: Schatten van Brabant

Technical information
Original format: High Definition / Digital Video
Exhibition format: Quicktime Apple Prores HQ, anamorph 16:9 (768x 576), color
Subtitles: English
preview copy: online, 15 minutes, DVD PAL
screening tape: 15 minutes, Blu-ray

ISAN 0000-0003-DFF6-0000-S-0000-0000-R



Verkade Fabriek, Private screening SvB
Food Film Festival, Amsterdam, Studio K- zaal2
International Film Festival Breda, Pathé Breda 2
International Film Festival Breda, Pathé Breda 2
Natuurmuseum Brabant, Dier als Ding filmzaal (loop)
Kasteel Nemerlaer, Haaren Buitenfilm
Kinookus GFF Gastro Film Festival, Croatia
Cheese Film Festival, Slowfood Italy
Planet in Focus Festival, Toronto, Canada
Animal & Nature Film Festival, Beijing, China
International Audiovisual Festival of Biodiversity, Rome, Italy
Eine Welt Zentrum Herne, Germany
Electron, Fijnproevers & Smaakbarbaren // Foodfestival 2.0, Breda