May 23, 20:00 Cinemex 9
May 24, 18:00 Cinemex 10


EL HEROE DE LAS OVEJAS aka SHEEP HERO, screens in the international competition at the Cinema Planeta Film Festival in Mexico. The festival started today and the premiere is Thursday 23rd at 20.00. Director Ton van Zantvoort his film a BLOOMING BUSINESS was screened at Cinema Planeta in 2010 and won the award for best treatment.

Every year since 2009, Cinema Planeta presents dozens of films that address interconnected social, environmental, economic, and cultural topics. Cinema Planeta organizes Mexico’s premier environmental film festival to promote the protection of our natural environment. With more than 90 titles from four continents, Cinema Planeta reinvents itself by programming cinema that better challenges the viewer and makes them confront the screen in a different way.

This year’s Official Selection for international competition, contains some very challenging and interesting films. All films show an important fight to save humanity, its values and its relationship to nature, each director finding their own personal and intense dynamics along the process. They push the viewer to new understandings to make up their own mind.

SHEEP HERO is in international competition with only 5 other films: The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid, Ghost Fleet, Animus Animalis, Beyond the Mountains and Welcome to Sodom.

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